Merit Badge: Wild Cats!


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  1. Mango Creasey 6 months ago

    I had to take this late due to Mom her hand surgery!!

  2. Teddy K 6 months ago

    I had no idea we cats had such a HUGE family – so many kinds of cats and every single one of them is GORGEOUS. I’m very proud to be a cat (and thanks for putting me in with those BIG cats in the quiz Denmaster – at 29 lbs. I probably am the BIGGEST cat here!).

  3. Seymour Sullivan 6 months ago

    My goodness there are a lot of our relatives roaming the earth! Loved them all!

    • Author
      Denmaster 6 months ago

      I know! So many different sizes and looks!

  4. Andy McIntyre 6 months ago

    I loved this class. It was fun to learn about our relatives.

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