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  1. Teddy K 3 months ago

    I FINALLY passed!

  2. Seymour Sullivan 3 months ago

    This one gave me the heebie jeebies! I had to take the test several times too. There’s always one trick question! Sometimes I have to re-run the video or pawts of it!

  3. Ætheling 3 months ago

    It wasn’t until I took the test the third time that I realized what question I was getting wrong. The third time I passed.
    Having to watch it once was creepy enough, having to go back and watch it again to find out what I missed was even creepier. MOL
    I’m glad we watched it this time of year, with the big snow coming in tonight. It gives my mom a few months to recover. If this was spring she’d be afraid to go out of the house.

  4. Andy McIntyre 3 months ago

    That was kind of hard but I passed it the second time. Mom felt like her skin was crawling while she was watching it.

  5. Cooper Murphy 3 months ago

    You can take it again. I also failed, and I know I had the right answers, unless it didn’t like my answer to the last question.

  6. Teddy K 3 months ago

    DARN – I watched this hilarious but interesting video and even took notes but still managed to fail. I think it was that first question I blew. Dang. Anyway, fun video.


    • Ætheling 3 months ago

      Teddy, we are allowed to take it more than once. Go back and take it again. I took it three times. Although it is unnerving having to watch ticks more than once…..

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