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  1. Seymour Sullivan 6 months ago

    Love these guys! Amazing how some of our most unusual creatures have worked things out to stay thriving!

  2. Nugget 6 months ago

    This was extremely interesting.

  3. Ætheling 6 months ago

    I love that video!!! I learned so much.
    Now mama is thinking she wants a sloth baby in the spring, instead of a new puppy. Just imagine how much less hectic and crazy it would be to adopt a sloth baby instead of a fast-moving wild new puppy! So much easier on the nerves.

    • Seymour Sullivan 6 months ago

      Ha Ha, Aetheling, I’d stick with the puppy, nevertheless!

  4. Cooper Murphy 6 months ago

    These are truly fascinating creatures that I knew absolutely nothing about!

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