Merit Badge: Smartest Dog in the World?

You MUST PASS the quiz to claim your badge. If you’re caught claiming a badge without having passed the quiz, you get 5000 demerits and a notation on your permanent record. Repeated offenses will result in suspension. 


Watch the Video:

Pass the Quiz

Loading Smart Dog

Claim Your Badge

REDEMPTION CODE: notasdumbastheylook


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  1. Seymour Sullivan 3 months ago

    Assume we can re-take the test if we failed the first time? I had to do this for one of the classes we’ve had this week.

  2. Ætheling 3 months ago

    Did this happen to anyone else? I took the test and flunked. I took it twice more and flunked. I rewatched the video. I went back to take the test again, but my score was already changed and now said I had scored 98%.
    I don’t understand how it changed from 50% to 98% on the same page I had left it on.
    Am I the only one that happened to?

    • Author
      Hairy Hooligan 3 months ago

      I told the Denmaster I’d check it out for her…..I’m doing odd jobs in ikschange for the dorm room.

      • Seymour Sullivan 3 months ago

        Hairy you are awesome, my man! I’ll bet you and Chaser would be good buds!

    • Author
      Hairy Hooligan 3 months ago

      No way to tell why it changed the skore from the same page. Best gess is that you clicked something without realizing it. You just kept getting hung up on the brain sweat question.

  3. Seymour Sullivan 3 months ago

    We are huge dog fans in our house, and although they are very different from us, it’s nice to know they are as smart as we are, just in a different way!

  4. Mango Creasey 3 months ago

    Yes! Chaser and the owner are both unique!

  5. Teddy K 3 months ago

    That was incredibly interesting,,,,,,,,Chaser is AMAZING! All animals are amazing in their own way.

    Hugs, Teddy

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