Merit Badge: Nature’s Construction Workers

At this time of year we know about birds building nests in which to raise their young, but they aren’t the only builders out there, and construction isn’t limited to springtime. In this class we’ll learn about some of the remarkable construction feats achieved by nature’s architects.

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  1. Mango Creasey 12 months ago

    Thanks Denmaster!

  2. Chip 12 months ago

    They are amazing birds! They really travel a very long distance for their seasonal migrations, stopping along the way. I’m sure they need some rest. I thought it is really cool that they make friends with nice humans, and remember them!
    Homer is a very pretty place, it was nice to see it.
    Thank you, Denmaster for arranging that for us!!
    I hope you are feeling better.

  3. Teddy K 12 months ago

    An amazing video…….! Thanks Denmaster.

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