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    How about some food that’s easy on the snappers like scallops and a liquid Nanaimo bar.

    • Tyebe that sounds great!!
      • Hi Tyebe, thank you for this delicious snack. You are the best
        • By snappers, I assume you mean our pearly whites, Tyebe! Mine are sharp and in good order. I actually bit mom by accident on our trip home. She was trying to feed me by hand and I just was so eager to dive in! Scallops are a really big deal up here! Thank mew, dear little lady!
            • Aw….that’s nothing, Seymour. It happens but no worry. Dad comes up behind me and scares me so I turn around and grab his paw. He doesn’t scare me so much anymore. nol
            • The scallops are purrfect. The liquid Nanaimo bar is helping to keep me warm

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