• Tyebe posted an update in the group Group logo of Wildcats – Troop 1Wildcats – Troop 1 4 months ago

    We are here and were reading the comments. Angel Gracie and I had a wonderful time after she opened the Golden Paws for the seniors. Remember our Paw-di-cures?

    • Raz replied 4 months ago
      I will be eligible for the Golden Paws on my next birthday. I hope I can get a Paw-di-cure!
        • We need to get the Golden Paws going again. Timmy was feeding us every day. I took over providing food but then I dropped the ball, 🙁
        • I’m sure you all looks beautiful in your Paw-di-cures
          • lol. I forgot about the paw-di-cures.
            Though we have many angels in the Golden Paws it is still an active group to join if you are of age. Ten years or older.

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