• Tyebe posted an update in the group Group logo of Rumbling Thunder PatrolRumbling Thunder Patrol 4 months ago

    Mom got called early for her hand…..someone cancelled their surgery. Her hand has been done. She chose a local anesthetic so she was awake for the procedure. She said the doctor was very gentle. Even after the freezing wore off the pain was not too bad. She even played Spot with me.

    • Tyebe, we thought mom already got her surgery. Is this the other hand, or another finger?
      • I thought your mom was going to be having ankle surgery. Glad your mom had a local. My mom does that whenever the doctor will let her. Much quicker recovery.
          • The ankle surgery is later when the hospital doesn’t have such a threat of covid. Mom would rather not have that challenge too.
              • Raz replied 4 months ago
                Can’t blame her for not wanting to have that to deal with too.
            • Raz replied 4 months ago
              I hope she has a quick recovery
              • THat’s great! Tyebe

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