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    Very cold again last night. It was below freezing. The tomatos are gone but the bagonia is triving. Go figure. Shoko sneaks out in the morning to go tinkles and then right back in the house. Me, well I try and catch supper,

    • Sure wish we had some of that cold! Sorry your tomatoes are gone, but it’s nice that the begonias are still blooming! Good luck with your hunting!
      • Oh boy! Maybe you can catch a nice big mouse and Mom can cook it up for you. Our begonias are still going strong too but we don’t have any cold weather yet. The lowest temp we’ve had was 58 (so far!).
        • Brr, I don’t blame Shoko for coming right back into the house. I hope you find a nice big mouse and you share it with shoko. It is sad when your tomatoes go away. Tomatoes picked fresh out of the garden are so delicious.
          • That is cold Tyebe. You tell Shoko to be careful about getting her tail frozen

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