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    Here are Shoko and my answers to Cat’s questions.

    How did you find your forever home?

    I was just a wee white thing when mom came to size me up. I kept trying to give her my fake mouse, not knowing my biological mom had left several real mice and birds on the front steps. All these were tempting offerings for looking after her baby.

    Shoko says: I was prisoned at the SPCA cause I was living with ma at the new court house. Mom came in and wanted to see me up close and personal so when she reached for me, I bit her. Then I hissed with all my mite at her. She just laughed and said I like a kitty with spunk. This lady was different.

    Did you find your parents or did they find you?

    They found me. However, I knew enough to to be a real pain in the butt if I didn’t like them.
    Shoko says: Mom found me and had me perplexed with her attitude. I had scared everyone else away….why not her?
    Other than your mom and dad, who is your next favorite person?
    My neighbours. I go over and talk to the women. Sandy does the dishes at night so I go talk at the window while she does the dishes.

    Shoko says: Nobody! I don’t really care for humans. They can be mean ad scare me.
    If you are a solo cat do you wish you had siblings and If you have siblings, do you wish you didn’t(it’s ok to wish you were an only cat)
    I never wish for less brothers and sisters but more brothers. Sisters seem to be too possessive of their stuff.

    Shoko says: I’d be an only child. I really like mom best but she says I need to get along with other kits. Sis ad I have been playing “Thundering herd of elephants” and I find she is more fun to be around. The only rule is she is not allowed to catch me at any time
    What would you do if you got lost and couldn’t find your way home?

    I’d sit and yell for awhile and then sniff mom and dad out. Different for me cause I’m an outdoor cat.
    I doubt I’d get lost even if I tried. I only go to the Lane and then back around to wherever mom is but say I did I’d sniff mom and dad out.
    Have you ever accidentally found yourself outside, if so what did you do?

    Yes, I’m an outdoor cat and can be found in the lane
    Shoko says: I too am an outdoor cat
    Do you practice your survival skills? If so, how?
    Everyday I’m out there fighting back the grass and attacking any onward pushing slugs. This year is very dry so slugs are no issue. The mice in neighbouring lawns I search out and destroy,

    I don’t really. I walk in the house and demand treats…..they start falling from the ceiling Knock off the crap Shoks! Alright, Tyebe, I dig .in the garden and try to attack little worms but heck they’re slimy….don’t like the feel

    • Vert interesting answers ladies. I am glad that you are getting along well.
      • I enjoyed learning more about both you and Shoko, my sweet girlfriend. 💖🐈
        • Tyebe, that was sweet of your biological mom to offer presents to your adoptive mom for adopting you.
          Shoko, you are one tough gal. And a mighty huntress!
          Both of you have such interesting stories!
          • That is really great Shoko I loved learning more about you. Tyebe you are a great hunter and I hope I have the same skills but we dont have any mice that come into the cat yard

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