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    Mo,ms brother passed away a few weeks ago and mom has been looking through her digital pictures for one of her and bro. She found this picture of the two of them on a seesaw in the park at married quarters in Soest, Germany. She remembers her mom had given her and her brother a talk about dirty men that could hurt them if they were not careful….just that morning. Well, while they were on the seesaw a man arrived in the playground and grabbed a little boy, hit him and dragged the wee chap off on his motorcycle. Mom panicked and told her bro to run get the MP’s (military police). The police caught up with the man and child on the motorbike. Turns out, the man was a German and was just taking his kid home from the playground and the kid didn’t want to go. Grandma was so proud of their actions.

    • Tyebe, what a nice story! And picture! Nice of your to share it with us!! Nice of your mom to share it with you and Shoko!! Is your mom feeling better?
        • Unfortunately death is part of life and mom has accepted it was his time. Now is the time for warm memories.
        • I am so sorry for your loss. That is a really cute picture of your mom and her brother. I am really glad that the little boy was not abducted. It is always better to be cautious in that situation.
            • Don’t be sorry Andy….this is life and how we deal with it will make our life easier or harder.
            • Wow that was exciting! It’s great picture too!
                • Moms bro would be her sidekick for many years and she usually got him in trouble but these things are great memories.
                • Sorry that your mom lost her brother, that is never easy. What a nice picture, what a story.
                  • Is that your Mom in front Tyebe? She looks really happy
                      • Yes sir that’s my mom! She is usually happy but I’ve discovered if we make the room like an oven…..she loses the happy face very quickly.

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