• Tubby posted an update in the group Group logo of I'm OK!I'm OK! 3 months ago

    Helloooo. How are you all? I sure miss everyone. I have been playing so much. I can run around without getting out of breathe. And these wings are awesome. Been visiting everyone at my house.

    • Oh and mom didn’t know it but; I was home when the woodpecker came. I was following him all around. So much fun!
      • Jake replied 3 months ago
        • Tubby our pawrents love it when our angel kitties visit them, Dad gets visits from my angel siblings in his dreams and he always loves them, he says sometimes he will wake up and his fingers will still feel the warmth of the soft fur he’s been petting while he slept!
          • Hi Tubby! I’m so glad you stopped by.
            • Hi Tubby! So glad you visited!
              • Hi Tubby, it is great to see you, we miss you a lot. It is awesome that you are visiting your family. It is very comforting to our humans when angel cats visit them.
                • Tubby so good to see you we sure miss you. Timmy says the same that he feels like a young cat but has even more energy than ever. It is special when you visit the family so make sure you do today

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