• Tubby posted an update in the group Group logo of I'm OK!I'm OK! 3 weeks ago

    Mom filled all the bowls with diet food. She noticed even Hope is getting big. She toke away the bowls in human brother’s room. He usually gives us some if we’re hungry. Otherwise they’re up and covered. Mom woke up to me puking 3 times. After a few minutes I was hungry so I ate. I seem ok. The weatherman is saying snow for Monday and Tuesday a high of 36, What the heck? 50’s today. Have a great day. I am hoping mom can open the windows again.

    • Chip replied 3 weeks ago
      Hey, Tubby! Hang in there! Weather is not always our friend. Mom’s outdoor choir rehearsal Thursday evening was to keep them all healthy……uh…Mom’s a mess now, just a small mess. They were sitting near some large trees. Mom nose started itching like crazy!! NOT fun in a mask. Who ever those trees were…. Mom’s allergic. Her sinooses are pumping out yuck in overdrive!! Sorry, that was gross. She’s working hard on hydration!! Take care of yourself, Tubs!! We don’t need or want any more sick kitties!! Take care!!
      • Miss Fitz went through that Tubby. Eating and then barfing and then being hungry. Dad thinks it is hair balls and gave her that icky Laxatone on her paw top. You lick it off and then the hairballs are right through. Ours is catnip flavor so not too bad. Buddy used to get it every month. Me never. Seems it depends on the cat. Purrs
          • Tubby replied 3 weeks ago
            Ha,ha,ha. Mom was giving that to me daily as I had hairballs really bad. I would freak out and fly around the house running. Half of it would go everywhere. I hadn’t eaten yet so not sure on that. It was just like some white stuff.
              • I am glad to hear that another cat runs around while horking. I have done this my entire life. it makes a huge mess. I don’t know why I do it.

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