• Timmy Tomcat posted an update in the group Group logo of Golden Paws~Senior CatsGolden Paws~Senior Cats 3 months, 3 weeks ago

    Thanks so much my dear friends for your sweet comments and Goldens no worries about noms! I promise to fly down every day to make a nice snack for you all. Today we have my favorite! Hot Diggity Dogs! We have them with beans, Chili, Bacon or have all three! Have a nice fruit Smootie to go with. Nom away

    • wow the hot diggity dogs look delicious! I would like mine with everything on it. I would also like a lemonade. I think my dad would love a hot diggity dog with everything. is it OK if I take him one.
      • Two with everything coming right up Andy. It would warm my heart if you took Dad a loaded doggie Andy. Here is that Lemonade, enjoy my friends

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