• Timmy Tomcat posted an update in the group Group logo of I'm OK!I'm OK! 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    I had to get Dad up for his doctor visit and then he went shopping. I was hungry when he got home and have eaten my first can today. He got a refill of my prednisone and may not give it today to see how I am when he skips a day. We had a BIG storm come through last night to really wet things down but luckily the boomers were more rumbling that cracking so no worries, whew. Stay safe friends and see you tonight at HKL. Prime Rib Wowzer!

    • Good thing you got your Dad up, I’ve had to do the same thing. I got fish flavored, what flavor is yours? My vet told my mom to try to cut my pred back but she hasn’t don’t it yet. She’s going to go from 5 ml to 4 ml to see how that goes.
      • I have been getting 5mg a day too. Not sure what flavor. Dad was going to cut back today but since I have been doing well he didnt. I have not even needed my Ear Taz
        • It sounds like your dad had a busy day. I am purring for Timmy and Cat.

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