• Timmy Tomcat posted an update in the group Group logo of I'm OK!I'm OK! 3 weeks ago

    We are purring for Charles and his family hard. We also send purrs to Gracie and her Mom for that hip surgery. I am still eating. Dad wants me to eat more but I ate a half can of FF so far this morning. I keep going to the family dishes but if Dad puts out FF the vultures eat it all in a flash. Rumpy ate a whole can in 5 min maybe less the other day. Einie is no better and getting roly-poly. Dad keeps a special dish for me so I check the family dish and then go onto the table next to Toby. He eats his Grilled FF there. If I could get up to 3/4 can a meal like him Dad would be over the moon.
    PS Dad gets his 1st shot today no thanks to our county. Ugh they are terrible.

    • Raz replied 3 weeks ago
      We are heartbroken over the news about Charles. So very sad. We’re glad you are eating better and hope you continue. We hope your Dad does well with his shot. Our Mom had both (Moderna) with no problems from either one.
      • Shoko replied 3 weeks ago
        We are in touch with Charles and purring for him. Gracie we’re rootin for your mom’s hip surgery.

        Timmy keep up the good eating. We get 1/2 can at meal times or we’ll get fat. You don’t want to be fat either. Einey is practicing rolling everywhere….he needs to quit eating like a wee piggy. Our vaccines were cancelled yesterday due to overbooking. Stupid people!!

        • Praying for Charles with all my might.
          • Dad got his Pfizer vax and it was easy. Shoko I need to put a little on as I am pretty thin and yes, the boy is way to, um, filled out

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