• Teddy K posted an update in the group Group logo of Wildcats – Troop 1Wildcats – Troop 1 4 months ago

    And another week begins………….Blueberry pancakes, crockpot french toast, the Italian Sampler, breakfast biscuits and delish spinach-egg-cheese toast.

    • Raz replied 4 months ago
      OOOHhhh, I think I will have the Italian Sampler. Thanks Teddy!
      • They all sound delicious
        • Italian sampler please, and coffee. Thank you, Teddy.
          • May I have some blueberry pancakes and a cup of hot tea with milk and sugar please? Thanks for making us breakfast Teddy!
            • I would like some blueberry panckakes, a small scoop of crockpot French toast and some delish spinach-egg-cheese toast.

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