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    Good Morning Wildcats……..breakfast is served at the Bar! Mushroom omelettes, cheesy sausage casserole, southwestern egg bake, shrimp and eggs and delish french toast rollups……….

    • It all looks delicious. I think I will have some cheesy sausage casserole. Guess what! I caught a snake last night in the garage. Mom’s snake people (they aren’t literal snake people they just know a lot about snakes) on Facebook say it was a Dekay’s brown snake.
        • OH. MY. COD! You’re very brave!!!
          • Chimera! I’m sure you saved your entire household catching that snake BUT you must be VERY CAREFUL – some snakes are poisonous!!!! EEEEEEEEK!
              • That’s what Mom said. She didn’t like me playing with it. Daddy came took it away so it couldn’t hurt any of us. But they would have never known it was there if I hadn’t been playing with it.
              • Oh my goodness that’s very brave of you!!!! We’ve missed you
                  • I have missed you too. Mom is super busy right now. So I probably won’t get to visit again for awhile.
                • I’ll have some cheesy sausage casserole and mushroom omelettes.
                  • Thanks Teddy. Shrimp and eggs for me please.
                    • Chip is having the cheesey sausage casserôle, and I’m having shrimpies and eggs!
                      • I’ll have the Shrimp and eggs please! I love shrimp!
                        You caught a snake! Wow you are really brave, was that a venomous snake?
                        • Wow everything looks great
                          • Totally welcome and yummy, Teds!

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