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    Factoid for 9/22: Worldwide, natural ponds have decreased in number by an average of 50%. Wetland habitats have diminished by up to 98% in some countries. This is due to the construction of infrastructure, agriculture, roads, and the increasing needs of humans as our population continues to increase and move into new areas. Therefore, your pond can really be an important ecosystem for animals that otherwise would have a difficult time surviving as their natural habitats are either damaged or entirely removed.

    Waterfowl will use the pond as a brief stopover point on their way to migrate for the winter; frogs and other amphibians and reptiles will utilize the safe, muddy sediment to overwinter; during droughts, a large variety of animals from deer to songbirds to insects will utilize your pond to get a quick drink; at least some of your plants will likely have flowers, and therefore will help support pollinators like bees that are also struggling to survive (over 50% of bee species are now extinct).

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