• Teddy K posted an update in the group Group logo of Wildcats – Troop 1Wildcats – Troop 1 4 months ago

    Good Morning Wildcats. Great Memorial here for Gracie last night……Thanks to all of you who came. I set up the crockpots in the Wildcats kitchen last night so breakfast would be ready when I got here this morning!

    • Thanks for putting on the crockpots. Everything looks so delicious that I think that I will have a little of each.
      • Jake replied 4 months ago
        Thank you. I am so mad I missed everyone and everything last night. Mom was still playing with stupid(she calls it)Tracfone one too this morning. Kept saying emergency use only and it wasn’t registered. Finally human brother said turn it off and on and it finally worked. And the phone is the same kind mom got from Spectrum for herself and this one is Tracfone and it’s slow as moslasses. She said she might try it for a month and go with what she has.
          • Getting new phones can be an exhausting and stressful experience.
            When my pawrents got new iPhones last year, between physically face-to-face and telephone calls, they spent
            10 hours and 45 minutes in three days getting and setting up the phones–Not Counting the Two Hours in drive times for five trips back-and-forth trying to get things straightened out! Verizon themselves even managed to put on the wrong screen covers, and also sold us the wrong cases that didn’t fit our phones!

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