• Teddy K posted an update in the group Group logo of I'm OK!I'm OK! 4 months ago

    Several inches of snow followed by freezing rain – not sure WHAT kind of conditions are out there this morning – still dark! We’re staying put – roads are probably BAD.

    • Chip replied 4 months ago
      Teddy, I’m sorry you have such yucky weather, but I’m so happy you are all safe, warm, and smart!! Enjoy that fireplace!! And treasure being together!!! 🧡🐾🐈
      • PennDOT started driving restrictions for most commercial and dual vehicles yesterday in the late afternoon and were suggesting people stay off the roads today until they can get them clear. We’ve seen a few cars out but not many, thankfully. Freezing rain is scary and i’m glad you’re safe at home, Teddy!
        • It’s a good idea to stay put. Hunker down for a little while, the snow will eventually melt.
          • Looks like everyone got snow except for us. Definitely a good day to stay home.
            • More evidently on the way, Teds! We are hitting the road tomorrow to beat the next storm.

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