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    He would help other Scouts who couldn’t do photos or photoshopping……….ALWAYS was lending a hand. He recorded all our parties and events with wonderful graphics that he did as “memories” for everyone to share.

    • That’s how Scout Timmy became the official Cat Scout Photographer!! His dad helped him a lot.
      • He sure did Teddy. If it wasn’t for Pete I wouldn’t ave all the memory shots I have now.
        • He was wonderful. He would always do group photo’s at the events. I appreciated that because sometimes Pizap gives us fits.
          • He was so wonderful about helping with photos! I had no idea how to do any photo editing when I joined scouts, and he always helped me.
            • He was the Cat Scout photographer and did that position wonders with all of the photos he made for us.
              • When mom first joined Scouts, she did not understand photoshopping at all. Besides Scout Sammy K who helped her learn Pizap, Dad Pete tried to teach her about transparencies and other nuances she still doesn’t “get.” He was a whiz~!
                • He did the very best at photoshopping. Last year at the North Pole trip he help out mom so much.

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