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    The roast is PERFECTLY done Pete……melts in my mouth!!

    • We are lucky to have such a yummy meal. Mom looked at the prime rib in Publix and decided that she’s probably going to have to take a loan out for Christmas dinner .🙀
      • It’s so tender, I guess I lucked out at the butcher shop, this is steamboat round of beef slow cooked, with garlic, salt and pepper rub!
          • It’s fab, Pete! Only here at Scouts am I allowed to indulge my fantasies.
              • I’m so happy that you and your mom found each other Seymour it’s as though it was preordained for the two of you to be together!
                  • We honestly believe that to be so, Pete! We think Maggie and Felix directed us to each other because we were both so sad.
                    • Dad found my sister Talley when she was five weeks old abandoned and sick at a house that he was renovating for rental. He wouldn’t have been there except for loosing a note that he had made of dimensions for a fireplace Mantle that he was building there was a tiny white kitten with black spots! She was sick her eyes were stuck shut and dad took her to the Emergency Vet (Who told dad not to get his hopes up!) They bathed her eyes, gave her medicine and had dad feed her with a syringe, That was thirteen years ago and she is still going strong. Our regular Vet said she was no doubt the runt of the litter and her cat mom abandoned her. We love her a lot and she sleeps on dad every night!

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