• Teddy K posted an update in the group Group logo of CampfireCampfire 1 month ago

    Morning Gang….let’s get in some FUN exercise and have a snack to start our day…….YES!!!!

    • bouncy, bouncy fun and now for some delicious noms
      • *Bounce, Bounce, Bouuunce, Bounce* Wow got some height there. Pasticiotti please with Three Kitten Hot Chocolate. Thanks Teddy! Mmmmm
        • ** Bouncing happily up on down on the trampoline **
          As soon as I’m done I’ll have some of that delicious looking pasticiotti. Thank you!
          • Wow that breakfast is beautiful! I had a great hike and now I’m ready for some of that Pasticlotti~
            • Cat P replied 1 month ago
              This is fun. I’m going to try a flip!
              • I love the little mini trampoline, it is so much fun, This is the first time I have ever eaten Pasticiotti. I love it.

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