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    I’ll post the TREASURE HUNT rules again ye scaliwags! Only ONE entry so far! There be a prize for the winner!
    1. Below is the list of items you should try to find around the house. Assemble as many as you can find and take one photo of them all. If this isn’t possible, do groups but limit to as few photos as you can. Don’t post SINGLE items in a photo! If you have more than one photo, they must all be posted together.

    2. You may not find items on the internet and photoshop them into a photo!

    3. The contest starts at 1 PM ET and ends at 4 PM ET. Your photos must be entered before 4 PM. No late entries will be accepted.

    4. Winner will be the Pirate who finds the MOST items on the list and posts first. If there’s a tie, we will have a tiebreaker random drawing.

    5. A prize will be awarded to the winning Pirate courtesy of Pirate Cooper.

    Key Chain
    Bag of Cat Treats
    Striped Towel
    Rubber Band
    Paper Cup
    Light bulb
    Yellow Cat Toy
    Wooden spoon
    Framed photo
    Ugly Sock

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