• Teddy K posted an update in the group Group logo of CampfireCampfire 1 month ago

    Exercise then eat…….that’s the way we do it!

    • does playing with my human’s feet count as exercise? If so, I am ready to eat.
      • Maybe a little run on the treadmill and then a sticky bun and a smoothie! Yum! Thanks Teddy!
        • I love the running roll and we have Banana Smoothies, Strawberry and Cream Cheese Bagels and Sticky Buns! Yes all the important Scout food groups. Thanks Teddy
          • I ran on the treadmill a little bit and now I am ready to eat. I would like a sticky bun and a smoothie, please.
            • Oh dear, I have been forgetting to come to the campfire. I’m glad I found some leftover sticky buns. Yum

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