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    We’re fine at my house….Mom and Dad had eye exams for first time in a while. Mom can get cataract surgery whenever she’s ready so maybe this Fall. Going to be a hot day with maybe a shower or two!!

    • That’s good that they got tested. From what I understand the surgery is pretty easy and everyone says they can see so much better.
      • I hope that your mom’s cataract surgery goes well. My uncle (mom’s brother) had it done and they put lens implants in his eyes. He was very happy that he got it done.
        • Glad Mom and Dad are alright! Purrs
          • My mom had her cataracts evicted four years ago. It was practically painless. The nurse the blew out Mom’s vein (for the second eye) was the worst part!! I don’t think she really needed even an ibuprofen, but Dad kept driving her nuts asking if she was in pain, so she finally took one!! The pain that she WAS having, then went upstairs to his office!! She was so amazed at the difference in her color vision! She was ready to repaint the kitchen cabinets, ’cause they were so yellowed!! After the first eye…they were snowy white again!! Her doc is very conservative, in the way he treats his patients. He did the second one a month later. So your mom will be so happy after it’s done!! And your nursing duties will be minimal! But cuddles are always needed!!!

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