• Teddy K posted an update in the group Group logo of Rumbling Thunder PatrolRumbling Thunder Patrol 3 weeks ago

    Well gang, we didn’t have a big crowd here tonight (at least YET!) but we had a great time being together. I think we’re all feeling sad about out friend Scout Charles…..remember him in your prayers tonight. I’m heading for the bunk with my “pet basbousa” to keep me company. Nite!

    • We stopped by on FB to give purrs to Charles. Goodnight Teddy see you in the morning
      • Night Teddy! Glad to share some time with you.
        • Raz replied 3 weeks ago
          Sleep well I am very sad about Charles
          • Teddy, my house is in distress over Charles diagnosis. You know we love him so much. Lisbeth is so sad.
            • Sleep well, Teddy!
              • Good Night Teddy, Rest Well, we’ll try to be very quiet when we come to bed!, I’m going to sit up and wait for other scouts to arrive!
                • Chip replied 3 weeks ago
                  I WAS here. Earlier. Then Mom went to her easel…..she’s done a lot today, but largely at my expense! But it’s ok! Mom loves to paint and I love Mom!! I still did have dinner here! Pawsum!!

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