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    How did you find your forever home?
    I was living outside with my family at an apartment complex. Some people were feeding us, but then they called a rescue group. The rescue group came and trapped us all and spayed and neutered us. My mom and sis were pretty wild, so they brought them back and let them go. But they said me and my bro Stormy were sweet. So a kind lady brought us to her home and put adds up to find us a good forever home. Meowmie wanted two cats, one black and one more and we fit the bill. She figured she could pick by color cuz she knew no matter who we were, we’d be the most wonderful cats in the whole world. And she was right!

    Did you find your parents or did they find you?
    Meowmie found us in our foster home. We tried to hide.

    Other than your mom and dad, who is your next favorite person?
    No one. No matter how much I want to get petted, I won’t let anyone else near me.

    If you are a solo cat do you wish you had siblings and If you have siblings, do you wish you didn’t?
    I used to have a brother and two foster siblings. I liked it, I get along with just about any cat, even crazy Gracie. I miss bro, but I’m ok, I’ve still got Meowmie and Dad.

    What would you do if you got lost and couldn’t find your way home?
    I don’t even want to think about that one. I don’t have any interest in open doors, actually I run away from them. I’m seventeen, I can’t see well, and I don’t move easily. I’ll just stay inside, thank you.

    Have you ever accidentally found yourself outside, if so what did you do?
    Only once, and that was sixteen years ago, about three weeks after we got to our forever home. Stormy managed to slide the screen door open. I followed, but when Meowmie came outside after us, I freaked out and climbed the wall. Then I ran back inside. Stormy stayed out for several hours, then he came back. Meowmie replaced the door with one that we couldn’t budge, and that was the end of that.

    Do you practice your survival skills? If so, how?
    I meow and I get fed. Then I meow some more and I get picked up and held and petted. I do pretty well. Also I nap a lot, I need that.

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