• Sunny O. Cat posted an update in the group Group logo of Night OwlsNight Owls 2 months, 1 week ago

    Seymour, I saw this in my cookbook and thought of you. So I brought you one.

    • I brought some for all the other night owls too.
      • Sunny, oh my goodness, I love those! What fun those would be to make for, or with, kids. Two halves of an Oreo cookie, and M&Ms. How clever. 🦉 Now mama wants an excuse to make those! 😃
        Thank you for bringing them for us.
          • Meowmie has stopped looking for excuses to bake and now she just bakes when she wants to. 🙂
              • That’s a good idea, but there’s only my two parents to eat the cupcakes.
                Mama was thinking that if she was still teaching Sunday school, she could create a lesson on wisdom and serve those owl cupcakes as the snack!
            • Sunny, Those are pawsome~! Thank you so much, buddy. Sorry I wasn’t here when you dropped by.
              • They are adorable.

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