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    My mama’s health has taken a big drop to the point that the doctor has started her on morphine to ease her breathing. I know the day is coming for her to go up that golden stairway, but still, I’m so sad. I know she’ll be able to breathe easily again…but still, I’ll be losing the woman who saved me when my own mother abandoned me cause I was dying. All I can do is put on my biggest bravest purr.

    • purrs
      • I am sending prayers and purrs.
        • Purrayers for comfort for Simone’s mom and for Simone.
          • Simone, Mom and I are hugging you and Erin with all our love and hope!
            • I am so sorry. Sending prayers and purrs.
              • Life, is a hard kick in the teeth sometimes, Simone. Just think of all the abilities your mom has given you over the years. One of the main ones was dtrength…strength to carry on after your mom leaves you. Faith, that your mom is going to a peaceful place where she no longer has to struggle to breathe. Also the faith that you will be ok. Carry these thoughts and the love she has always had for you in your heart and a part of her will remain with you.
                • We’re sending so many purrs and so much love <3 <3 <3
                  • Simone we are sending hopeful prayers that your Mom can stay comfortable. We know what she means to you – and you both mean a lot to us too. Hugs and love coming your way……………
                    • You have our Purrayers and love, too, Simone. ❤️🐾
                      • Simone please know that you and your mommy are always in our prayers. We love you both!
                        • I am so sorry to hear this please know that we are sending all the purrs and prayers we can gather to you and Mommy. We love you both so much please visit when you can dear friends
                          • Continuing prayers for Simone’s mom Erin.
                            • Sending extra prayers. I am thinking of her.
                              • Simone, I am so sorry.
                                • Dearest Simone, my heart hurts so much for you. I know how much you and your mom love and depend on each other. Your gentle purrs and love are. Just the thing she needs to comfort her. Sending lots of love and purrs from me and my family! Sending love and warm hugs, Cooper.
                                  • Simone, I am saying prayers for your Mom. I am sorry your Mom’s health has gotten worse. We love you and we know you will be with her giving her purrs and strength.

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