• Shoko posted an update in the group Group logo of I'm OK!I'm OK! 5 months ago

    All is sunny and bright here. The temperature is 4 above C. I have a nice cozy blanket to sleep on in the basket on mom’s desk and I’m stretched out like a drying sweater.

    • That sounds really cozy Shoko! It has warmed up to 54F here which is warmer than yesterday (it was 42 F yesterday. We’ve had fire in the fireplace almost continually and we really love stretching out on the hearth and letting the fire warm our tummies!
        • Really? You are so brave Pete. We have a gas fireplace but I don’t get too close…….fire looks scary.
        • Sounds comfy, Shoko!
          • I am glad that it has finally warmed up at your house, Shoko. Enjoy the warmer weather.

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