• Shoko posted an update in the group Group logo of I'm OK!I'm OK! 5 months ago

    All is OK here. Not real cold today so mom and dad went shopping. Some items are getting sparse like fresh vegetables. Maybe they just went before Superstore had stocked up the veggies. There was no scarcity of Fancy Feast and Churu so I’m happy.

    • The stores here have no Fancy Feast (that we will eat) Dad is having to order it from Chewy!
        • So there is a problem. Hopefully, it won’t hit our stores for awhile. but if it’s hit you in Florida, it’s just a matter of time, I guess. Thanks for the info Chef Pete.
          • Last time mom and I were in NoVA (Oct), she got a “humongo” supply of FF and Friskies canned food, so I’m good for now. The shops here in Maine seem to be OK, but I’ll make sure she stocks up before we get really really low.

            Litter also low in some stores! But some peeps use the old fashioned type of litter as snow traction.

            • Chip replied 5 months ago
              Mom and Dad were able to get enough cat food, but most stores shelves are almost bare! Oh dear!!
            • It is soooo good that they had your food. I hope that your pawrents were able to get the food that they needed.
              • That’s pawsum that at least you and tyebe can eat. That’s what mommy always says.
                • That’s what counts, Shoko!

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