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    A rainy grey day here. Tyebe just finished chasing me throughout the house and mom had to rescue me from hanging on the cat pole upside down. Cheers for mom….she could actually hold and lift me. This is something she hasn’t been able to do in months. Her breathing is super. So I’d say today is a wonderful day. We won’t be around often but that’s because we have one aim in mind. We want to get this woman up and mobile. Dad’s feeding us is ok but he never gives us the good stuff like mom does.

    • Oh Shoko that’s great news! We keep your mom in our prayers every night and it seems as though they are being answered!
      • This is wonderful news Shoko. We will purr and pray that your mom continues to improve.
        • It’s wonderful that you are helping your Mom recover!!
          • Glad to hear your Mom is improving and getting back her strength. She’s always in our prayers………..
            • Happy to hear this!!! Wow!! She’s come a long way!! You and Tyebe have really helped her so much!! I wish we had a picture of you upside down, hanging from your cat pole!!!
              • That is the Best news about Mom Shoko. I am so glad you all are going to continue to work with her to keep her moving in the right direction. That takes a lot of strength to hold you upside down as I found when we were climbing cliffs I furget where. Tell Dad to come on and break out the good stuff MOL
                • Wonderful news!

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