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    We read the book and were entertained a little but found her writing lacking in many areas. The illustrations were too small or us. Perhaps making the illustrations the full size of the page would do it. I didn’t get the connected feeling like I usually do with the characters. However when one of the cats passed I was in tears so I must give her high praise for her descriptions. We feel that Caroline Paul will be more seasoned for her next book.

    • We cried then to
      • She was telling a true story as it happened. I guess that is why she included Fibby going to the Bridge. I did not really like that part either.
        • Shoko, I am rather in agreement with you about the book.
            • Has she written another book?
                • We’re not aware of another book….YET! She does have a promising career. All the elements are there, she just needs to expand on descriptions and things.
              • It was so sad about Fibby going to the Bridge but it is a fact of our lives that we live such a shorter time than our parents.
                When the book turned paths it was a bit odd and off-putting for us at least. Dad had really obsessive people in his family. There was humor in the second half but it had that kind of whoa factor too. Just our opine
                  • Einstein, that’s exactly what mama was thinking. Caroline was rather over the top with her obsessive behavior, and maybe needed some professional counseling. And the fact that she was so obsessed that maybe her cat didn’t like her, and why not, and all the technology to track him down and find out why he liked somebody else better. I just thought maybe she needed some counseling.

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