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    We have a mobile A?C now. What a difference. We are cool. I’m a little scared of the noisy thing but Tyebe sits on the condo beside the A/C. Go figure. Mom has much therapy to do so we will be back when we can even if just for a wee while.

    • Hooray for the air conditioner. It will keep you cool and also filter some of the bad stuff out. It will also help your mom breath better. What did you catch Shoko?
      • That’s great! The cool filtered air should really help your mom’s breathing!
        • I’m glad you can be more comfortable. We’re still purring for your Mom.
          • Thank you all for the warm thoughts. Dirty word….warm is not to be spoken in this house……yet. Andy, this is my mouse! Actually, it’s Tyebe’s mouse. I don’t care to catch the creepy things any more,
            • I bet that A/C feels great……..I’m sure it’s helping your Mom a WHOLE LOT!
              • Yay for AC.
                • That is so good to know we have been worried. Tell Mom we are thinking of her. Great catch in the lane Shoko my fierce hunter
                    • Just supplying dinner for the family. I want mom up and at it now. I hate dad’s dinners….yuck. I knw he tries. We appreciate your concern but the time we are not around mom is concentrating on trying to walk and I hate to talk about it. So if we seem rude….we’re not…just overwhelmed.
                    • Shoks, it looks live you’ve gotten in some good hunting time! Say hi to mom for me!

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