• Seymour Sullivan posted an update in the group Group logo of I’m OK!I’m OK! 2 months ago

    All’s well here. Mom will be hosting a guest kitty whose pawrents are moving to Kona HI. They’ll be back in December, so “Sammie” will be a long-term guest! Not sure why the peeps had to move now, but they’ll be splitting their time between ME and HI. Sammie will not travel with them.

    • That’s very cool that your mom will have a long term cat.
      • It’s nice that your mom will have a long term cat to keep her company. It’s kind of sad that Sammie is not able to travel with them.
          • Agreed! Sammie was a rescue, along with her now Angel twin. She’s only about 7 years old. Mom got home earlier tonight and has been talking non-stop in the hopes that Sam will realize she actually has a human room-mate and it’ll be OK to come out!
          • Awww… welcome, Sammie!
              • She hasn’t put in any long-term appearances, but she is eating well and moving her toys around. Mom hears stirrings some nights, so hopefully that will increase!

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