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    Paws absorb sound and shock. Cats can jump up to seven times their own height, and land gracefully too. This is due to their paw pads that lessen the impact and also absorb sound to allow a silent landing. Within these same pads are sensitive nerve receptors that sense vibrations, pressure and textures. Their paw pads contain large concentrations of nerve receptors.

    These receptors provide balance for your kitty, but are also hunting aids. Cats feel the texture of the ground, vibrations, and gravity through their paws. These sensations help them evaluate their prey and stay in balance. Felines knead against soft objects when they are happy and satisfied. Their sensitive paws also test for safety, temperature and texture.

    The paws of your cat are a cooling system. They keep them from over-heating on hot days. If your cat is frightened or stressed, they sweat from their paws.

    Regular examination of your cat’s paws and pads and the hair in between the toes is helpful in detecting any irregularities or abnormalities. A change in size, texture or appearance of the pads could indicate an infection or other problem.

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