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    Maine Tortoise#5: The Eastern Painted Turtle’s skin color ranges from dark olive to black. The shell is usually the same color as the skin, but the edges are usually red, orange, or yellow. The bottom part of its shell will usually be yellow. The skin of the Eastern Painted Turtle will usually be covered with stripes; near the head they are usually yellow, and on the rest of the body the color usually range from red to orange.
    They live between 20 and 30 years and range in size from 5-7 inches.
    All painted turtle subspecies prefer to live in freshwater, and they can usually be found in slow-moving rivers, ponds, and lakes. They are omnivorous, eating fruits, vegetables and meat.
    Their conservation status is of Least Concern
    Nesting season starts in March and ends in June. Eggs usually hatch within 80 days.

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