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    All’s well here on the mid-Coast! It is crowded up here now, and the locals complain about the horrible traffic. Anyone who lives or has lived in even a medium sized town would laugh! Traffic jam means waiting 30 seconds for a light to change, or cars to start moving forward again. Mom has found herself honking a couple of times when the locals just sit and bear it. It all works out so well and so quickly…….traffic jam not a real thing up here!

    • Glad all is well up there.
      • Mom can relate to this. Tourists have to drive though Geneva to get to Geneva on the Lake. Mom says that people drive 20 mph and keep hitting their brakes. Moms says to herself “get a move on it, you are not in a school zone.” But without the tourists Geneva would be a small town and GOTL would be a ghost town.
          • So true! Same up here, my friend! Mom drives 7 miles from home to the museum (Camden – Rockland) in 12 minutes most days. Sometimes in Annapolis it would take 45 minutes to drive less than 1 mile.

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