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    For anybody wanting to plant fruit trees: Tips on planting fruit trees: It’s important to only choose varieties that are suited to your area,’ says Pete Smith, arborist and urban forestry program manager at Arbor Day Foundation, who advises asking the local county extension specialists for advice.
    Your hardiness zone is the biggest factor in how suitable a fruit tree is for your area, although your soil type also plays a part.
    You also need to know whether cross-pollination will be necessary, as a number of fruit trees aren’t self-fertile. This means you won’t get a good crop without at least one partner tree.
    ‘Check whether your preferred tree requires two different varieties to cross-pollinate and bear fruit,’ adds Smith.
    If you are short on space, then there is another solution: ‘A “family” fruit tree of apples, pears, plums or cherries may be ideal for a small space as they consist of two or three compatible varieties grafted onto the one tree that are selected to cross-pollinate with one another,’ says Clapp.

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