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    Well mom and I made it back to Maine…after a 12 hour drive, we arrived at midnight, and then it took her 2 hours to unload the car. It was so nice to be back here. 7 degrees outdoors, but didn’t feel cold.

    I have now re-familiarized myself with the impawtant parts of the apartment – food/water and litter stations. My bed next to the heating vent was the first place I went to!

    • It;s a very wise cat who finds the heating vent first!
      • Our heating vents are in the ceiling and we have something called a heat pump that blows cold air on you that is somehow supposed to make you warm. Me and Mom do not like heat pumps. Glad you got home safe Seymour.
          • Oh, mom has told me about the heat pumps. They work best in temperate climates, I think. We are so happy to be snug as bugs in our “home” rug!
            Stay warm and snuggly, dear Chi!
              • Yes, when it’s just sort of cold out they are OK (You probably wouldn’t actually consider it cold) but when it’s really cold out Mom says they make her miserable cause when you are already cold having cold air blowing on you does not make you feel warm. I get in the closet no vents in the closet. We are having REALLY COLD for us weather for the next few days.
            • Glad you made it home safely. Hope the two of you get some rest today.

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