• Seymour Sullivan posted an update in the group Group logo of I'm OK!I'm OK! 4 months ago

    Everything’s OK here in NoVA> Mom has been packing the car while it’s still dry outside. We hope to hit the road by Tuesday at the latest! Ah, just started snowing!

    • Try to avoid driving in very heavy snow!
        • Chip replied 4 months ago
          Uh…Seymour…you should just avoid driving anytime!! I know your other senses are pawsum, but seriously, vision is essential when driving!! Stay warm, my good cat!! 🧡🐾🐈
        • I hope that you will wait until the snow moves through New England and the various places have had time to plow the roads.
            • It’s all good in our part of Maine. The snow moved into VT, so we’ll be fine! Thank you Andy and every cat for your sound advice!

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