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    Remembering dad Pete on this day of Thanksgiving. We know how important the Scout family was to Pete, and his last comments to mom were to please ask for your prayers, but not to share his sad news. He wanted to remember the good times, hold on to the happy memories and not dwell on sadness.

    In his work with Aetna, Pete’s job was to counsel peeps going through end of life decisions, feelings, fears, and sorrow. He took everyone’s pain onto himself, and when I joined Scouts, he took a special care for me. We will always cherish our bond, his love and his friendship for all of us!

    • Chip replied 2 months ago
      It requires a VERY speshul person to do the job he had. But…he WAS speshul person. I hadn’t passed along his message to Mom. It was one of his last posts. She read it early Wednesday morning: “tell your mom to just paint for fun.” She had been in the slough of despondence for artists! She has been painting since then!! And enjoying it. Yesterday, she thought I was asleep, I heard her quietly say, “Thank you, Peter.” I’m quite sure he heard her!!
      • Dad Pete will be remembered for his love of us all and his willingness to help us.
        • He was a wonderful person. Very kind and generous. We are better for having known him.
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