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    If I were deep sea diving, I would like to “see” the North Atlantic Octopus (bathypolypus arcticus). Since mom and I will be moving to Maine soon, I wanted to choose an octopus that hangs out in those waters. This particular one, also known as the spoonarm or deep sea octopus, is a small species (2-6″) and usually lives at depths of 660-1970 feet — way too deep for us to dive. They live along the Atlantic seaboard, all the way over to the Scandinavian Countries.

    Unlike many of their relatives, the N. Atlantic Octopus mainly eats brittle stars, related to the starfish. These octopusses do not produce ink, and they live longer than bigger creatures who hang out in shallower waters. The Bathypolypus arcticus can live as long as 6 years or more!

    I like these creatures because they don’t let the fact that they’re deaf prevent them from having fun!

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