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    Dear Scouts, Could you please offer some prayers again for the international humanitarian workers in Yemen. I’ve posted a couple of times during the last few weeks of the increasing violence there and the murders of doctors and security staffs who are supposed to keep them safe.

    A few days ago, another doctor and his security detail were ambushed on their way to the IRC hospital to start their day. The drivers were killed; the doc is in ICU after having surgery to remove multiple bullets. This doctor is the chief of the hospital, and mom’s very special person. While he is in stable condition and expected to recover, his situation has created a huge morale slump among the medical staff. You’ll understand why I might not be here at Scouts as frequently as I would like for the next several days. Mom and I thank you very much! Today, May 8, is World Red Cross Day!

    • We will pray for all those in the line of fire and in danger while they perform their work to help the citizens in war-torn places around the world. Sadly they too can be injured or killed while trying to save lives. Certainly will keep your Mom’s friend in our prayers and hope that he continues recovering!
        • Teddy said it all, and very well! All those kind people are in our Purrayers!! I do understand that they are fighting a war, but those medical people are there to help save life’s; their presence and their hospital should be considered neutral, if not sacred ground.
          I had. no idea it is Red. Cross Day! Those kind, giving people are in my Purrayers! And so are those who are murdering them. They need our Purrayers, that they will learn not to hurt others.
          • Very much appreciated, Teds!
          • Our prayers go out to the thousands of peeps and animals scared out of their minds by the threats and deaths of loved ones. Imagine living through hell just to get up the next day and do it all again. We send all our strength and support to those wonderful people.
            • We are praying for them
              • Sending prayers. Mom has not heard of any of this. Very sad.
                • Cat P replied 1 month ago
                  Sorry I haven’t written but we are praying for the safety and recovery of the special Doctor. Please keep us posted.

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