• Seymour Sullivan posted an update in the group Group logo of Rumbling Thunder PatrolRumbling Thunder Patrol 3 weeks ago

    Sorry I’ve been in and out. Pete, thank you for another Michelin meal. I would like to join you later for some coffee and Arak – similar to Raki or Ouzo. Anise is the base.

    • Raz replied 3 weeks ago
      Oooh, nice. Thanks Seymour
      • Dad says that is pretty strong with the anise. I will join you with a little splash of brandy
        • That sounds great Seymour, I’d like to try some!
            • How about a toast to dear Charles? A model Scout. Mom said one of her earliest memories was on a Quest or some event when Charles went missing and had to be rescued. It was way back when M&F were new here.
                • I will toast Charles when I went on first scout adventure t a Louisiana Swamp, Charles was my tentmate and taught me so much! he and I were canoeing and bumped into what we thought was a log, It was an alligator Charles and I paddled so fast you could have water skied behind the canoe!

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