• Seymour Sullivan posted an update in the group Group logo of Rumbling Thunder PatrolRumbling Thunder Patrol 4 weeks ago

    Sorry I could not get here earlier. Is anybody still here?

    • Hi Seymour, I’m here and I kept a complete dinner warm for you!
      • Thanks, Pete. I’ll graze while we enjoy our sherry!
          • It’s raining outside and I can see the rain and hear it, but can you feel the vibrations or smell the rain. I know that your other senses are much sharper than ours and I’m curious about your perception of the world
              • I feel changes in wind, the movement of the sun and when it’s cloudy or rainy. Of course, I do not go out now, but I send sense movement against the glass doors or changes in warmth or temperature as the sun moves during the day. I can also sometimes sense when critters are out in the yard. Mom can’t figure it out, but she has seen me twitch or face them as they scurry around the yard. I think their scent can penetrate glass!
          • Raz replied 4 weeks ago
            I am but I am headed to the bunks. There’s plenty of food left. Can I fix you a plate?

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