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    My mom called the funeral home yesterday and asked the director to give her number to whoever is in charge of Pete’s estate. The lady in charge called this morning and told her all the cats are safe and being fostered. Miss Fitz is with one rescuer and the other 3 are with another. Mom told her she wants to adopt Rumpy and my Grammie wants EInstein and another Scout family wants to adopt Miss Fitz and Toby. She is going to pass that info along to the rescuers. So now we can all stop worrying about their safety and know Pete would be happy they will have good homes.

    • Thank Goodness! I know that Pete is in heaven smiling down on his kitties and their friends!
      • That takes a load of worry off my mommy’s mind.
        • Thank you. I am sending a million purrs and hugs to you We were so worried about the cats. Mom was having a weepy spell and this makes us feel better.
          • Sammy P that is wonderful news!! I am so glad you and your family are going to adopt all of the cats. You are so awesome.
              • Another Scout is adopting 2 , and we will have one and my Grammie will adopt Einstein. We are trying, but waiting on hearing from the recue lady.
                  • I hope it all works out. We need to know that they are being taken care of and having them with people we know is the only way to really know. Thank you again for stepping up.
                    • Must The Pilch family travel to Plymouth Meeting PA?? Mom and Ken went by Pymouth Meeting PA on the way to one of Mom her doctor appointment inPhiladelphia! Of course she said she knew Scout Einstein and his Dad Pete lived there and that Mom did a portrait of Buddy Budd for him!!
                        • Mango- sorry it took me so long to respond. If it happens then mom hopes to get someone to transport because she doesn’t like to leave us. We are getting nervous though because the rescue lady never called us. Mom doesn’t want to bother the executor, but she may give her a call.
                    • Fantastic, Sammy! Your mom is very kind to be so proactive.

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