• Raz posted an update in the group Group logo of I'm OK!I'm OK! 2 months ago

    Can I get some purrs and prayers please? Mom noticed I had a bit of a runny eye yesterday but was otherwise okay. I was up and about, ate well, had treats. I didn’t sleep with Mom last night and when she got up this morning I was in the same place I was when she went to bed. My left eye was glued shut. She used a warm compress on it to open it but it looked very goopy. When she fed Reesie, I wasn’t trying to steal her food and she opened a can for me that I snubbed. I also refused treats. She called the stabby place when it opened and I had to go in on a “fit in” basis which means she had to leave me. Fortunately, Dr. Stabby examined me pretty quickly. I had a temperature of 104.2 and my eye had green goop and conjunctivitis. I also seem to have both bacterial and viral infections. I got an antibiotic shot and Mom has to put drops in my eyes for 7 days. I am going to try to be a good Scout and not fight her. So far, Noelle and Reesie are fine. No idea how I got this and Mom is still worried about me. I did eat a little Sheba when I got home and some treats.

    • Oh Raz that sounds UNCOMFORTABLE…..bad infections too but those meds should whip you into shape quickly. Just promise us you won’t pass it on to the girls!! I hope you feel better REAL SOON. Rest the eye and be good about your medications OK?
      • Raz dear friend that is so difficult for you and Mom. She did the right thing and we are sending you lots of healing purrs and prayers and sending support to Mom, Noelle and Reesie.
        • Jake replied 2 months ago
          Sending prayers and purrs.
          • Raz, We’re sending lots of Purrs and Purrayers! We sure hope you feel better soon We will bring you a Dinner Box tonight!
            • Purrs and prayers for you, Raz. Also purring and praying that the other cats don’t get it.
              • Hi Raz how are you feeling? You’ve been in my prayers

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